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What Our Clients Say . . .



"Thanks to you and Bruce for all you do for me-way above and beyond anything expected"- Love Patsy L


"Final project was outstanding with little need for punch list. Adhered to specifications and drawings. Coordination with subcontractors was very good. Various trades worked together and were scheduled correctly. Very cautious of safety and work men. Excellent abilities". Gordon G.


"We have been privileged to work with both Bruce and Beth Shipman. Each of them brought different strengths to the job-Bruce with his unending energy, quality work, and solid job management skills and Beth with her attention to detail, thoroughness, and administrative competence. Bruce and Beth Shipman handled the daily management, the overall project coordination and administration, and issue resolution with timeliness, professional communication and grace.  Every employee and subcontractor maintained the high standards set by the Shipman's".  Hinsdale County   


"Shipman Builders kept to the timeline given and was tenacious about getting others in to complete the job.  Living our of state during the project, we were not on site, however, Shipman Builders was easy to communicate with and completed the job on time and much to our satisfaction".  Charlene and Jim D.  


"Thank you for building me a beautiful home. We will have a celebration when I get moved in" Meredith M


"Shipman Builders provides very solid skills and craftsmanship with cost containment being one of their strong management strengths"  Steve P


"The cabinets really look good. You guys are doing a great job on our new home and we really appreciate it.......thanks". Barry V


" I love the house more each day.......many thanks". Meredith


"We love the way the house turned out. It couldn't be more perfect. Thanks so much". Barry and Shelly


"Thanks Beth for all your First Class Service. It’s been so organized and helpful.  It’s been great to have you involved.  Hope I have a client to refer to you in the future."  Jeri S


"I saw the house today. You and Bruce have very good taste. It looks just beautiful. The dark stained wood around the windows and doors is fantastic. And your choice of tile is perfect. Kitchen cabinets are excellent too". Scott N


"I showed the home to two more people yesterday. I'm getting the same response every time. People looking in Gunnison have rarely, if ever, seen a smaller home with such nice features and finishes". Scott N


"You are good people and the next client is lucky to have you. May the Lord bless you generously!"  Peggy B


"I just wanted to say what a beautiful ad that was you placed in the July 4 edition. really awesome looking home"  CD


"I knew that when I moved in that the overall quality of construction and craftsmanship was exceptionally high and that opinion has not changed. The Shipman's build very high quality homes where everything just works and functions perfectly. They do exactly what they say they will do....on time. I'm extremely happy with my new home."  Scott N


"I am sorry you missed the party. I wanted to brag up you and Bruce-to those who wanted to know who the builder was-I did that anyway. Everyone thought the house was wonderful-as I do".  Meredith M


" I cannot say how much we have enjoyed working with you and Bruce.  We feel very lucky we found you". Tim C


"We continue to feel so fortunate and grateful for you both!"  Ingrid B


"We cannot say how fabulous the house is – everything about it is so beyond what we could have imagined when we bought the lot back in 2013. Overall, it’s just plain great and the attention to detail really shows throughout the house.  THANKS to both of you!" Tim C and Ingrid B


"Thanks so much for everything! The cabin is looking great! We definitely hired the right folks to do it for us! I very much enjoy working with Bruce and Tom! They are tops in my books"! Ron C


Thanks!!  Just want to shout out to you both how beautiful our cabin is!! Love it!! Thanks so much. Beth C


We got to Pitkin today and just love our place!!!   You guys did awesome and can't wait for you to see it all done!  Beth C


"It has been a wonderful experience working with you and Bruce. We are both so glad we found you and chose you to build our house". Tim


"YES! And want to echo Tim's comments! So thrilled you built our house!  Thank you for all you work and dedication to getting it right and making it beautiful" ! Ingrid


Builder's testimonial:   "Thank you both for a peaceful work experience. The building process went smooth because of your dedication to be team players throughout the project. Also, I was impressed with you taking the time out of your busy work schedule to do your research before making decisions. Having your architect on board when adjustments were needed was crucial. It's people like you that make what we do worthwhile and would work for you again and again and again". Beth Shipman


"I really can't say enough how well you always communicate" Garry P.


"I was an architecture major and I always told my wife that I wanted to live in a Victorian because of the craftsmanship and the style that you just can't find anymore but no way because of the age of most of them. Now we will get the best of both worlds, thank you and Bruce for helping make our dream home come true."  Lucus A


"I would like you to bid on this please. You have done amazing at Stallion Park". Mike B


"Wanted to say thank you again for making my life a little easier! You guys are big time pros and it’s greatly appreciated!"  Bill L

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